Glowing & Growing [Trusting Tha Process]

March 02, 2021 Season 1 Episode 9
Glowing & Growing [Trusting Tha Process]
Show Notes
Series [Trusting Tha Process]: Today we release a new episode with a great friend of mine; Kimmy Wilson. Kimmy has been glowing & growing ever since we met 5 years ago. Kimmy Wilson is 30 years old and a single mother from San Bernardino, CA. She spent the past decade working at Burlington Coat Factory and is a fashion designer with a brand called “Rags Of Riches”. Between the two incomes, it was still a struggle for her. After many sleepless nights trying to keep the income flowing, Kimmy reconnected a friend and was introduce to Total Life Changes (TLC).  Listen to this episode to hear her story and go to her Instagram to see a complete change:

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Her daughter:

This episode is for you if you are:

  • A single mother who balances work & life
  • Building generational wealth for your kids
  • Motivation - “ if you love what you do, stay consistent in it” - Kimmy
  • Building a fashion brand 
  • A part of the Total Life Changes legacy 
  • In a relationship with a supportive partner
* I apologize for the lack of connection at 4:22, I have added the translation below* 

Kimmy:" Always put your kids first, even in business, I have incorporate my daughter into my business. I may not be having her doing what I do, but an opportunity call, knowing the prouduct, taking the product. Becasue a lot of people dont know with this company, if anything happens to me, I can put the business in my daughters name, and she will take my earning and money at that time. Keep your kids first, do not let the money ruin it. There is a thin line betwwen busy and booked. Make sure to keep your children around you. When you are a single parent, you are the only one they have, so you don't want them to feel lonely, because you don't have the time because you want to make money. keep your kids first, and I know that from experience."